We are focused on providing software solutions around

ZOSS, Zero One Software Solutions is a sister concern of Nano engineering India PVT LTD which provides facility maintenance solutions for large, medium and small business since 1999.

We are focused on providing software solutions around the needs of our retail, manufacturing and service industry customers involved in ERP, Digital and Remote Business Management solutions in across the world. ZOSS having professional engineers for development, Designing, testing and support and dedicated business development professionals for our customer and channel partners relationship. We are committed and focused to become a leading company by developing and providing solutions , ERP and SAAS that translate into tangible business outcomes for our customers.

We are here to help your business get where you want it to go. You will reach your destination by your own system and effort.

We strive to help our clients do great work through the limitless solutions we offer. Our goal is to be the best SAAS provider in world. We want to be recognised by our employees, customers and channel partners as being the best SAAS and ERP Company to do business with.

Our mission is to deliver optimal solutions with SAAS and best digital services at affordable prices. In our Business policy employees, customers, channel partners satisfaction is given top priority. Our team is very friendly in dealings to the customers and it helps us to retain lifelong relationship with our existing clients and expand our customers circle worldwide.


  • RBM - Remote Business Management
  • Cloud Computing Management
  • Online and Offline mode
  • Auto Syncrynation
  • Mobile app with remote access
  • Digitization


  • WAC - Weighted average cost
  • FIFO - First-In, First-Out
  • LIFO - Last-In, First-Out


  • Remote access of multi branches also different entities
  • Highly performed Dashboard in PC / Mobile & others
  • Monitoring and controlling firm sales, cash position, inventory, HR management, accounts, purchase and more
  • Secure backup using cloud service
  • Calculates accurate point of sales [POS]
  • P & L and balance sheet using WAC technology
  • Stock valuation using FIFO and LIFO concepts